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The Get Schooled Foundation is a national non-profit organization helping young people thrive in high school, college, alternative pathways and early career jobs, through a unique blend of compelling digital content, gamification, and personalized support and engagement.

Have questions about applying to college, finding a first job, or how to succeed in high school? Text Get Schooled to get 1:1 guidance about:

  • How to prepare, apply, pay for, and succeed in college
  • Tips on how to find a first job and meet your career goals
  • Free resume review
  • Tips on studying for the SAT/ACT
  • Step-by-step help filling out the FAFSA
  • Free college application essay review
  • Finding and applying for scholarships

Get Schooled focuses on two areas that have the most direct impact on students’ long-term educational success: attendance and college affordability. Get Schooled works with schools, school districts and cities around the country to improve attendance rates among middle and high school students. It also focuses on efforts aimed at increasing the number of young people who have the tools and information they need to access financial aid for college.

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